Our Caffitaly coffee machines feature a unique design and maximum functionality. Our technology (protected by international patents), combined with elegance and easy use, allows you to enjoy coffee and delicious hot drinks with just a single simple action. Dispensing is always constant, ensuring perfect body and intensity of aroma in our coffees and drinks to offer you a unique taste experience, day after day directly in your home


The perfect dose for a coffee capsule is an essential part of its quality and determines the aroma.

After careful research, Caffitaly has found the ideal amount to obtain the best result: 8 grams of ground coffee. The same high-quality standards, from selection to processing. Respecting ethics of sustainability, Caffitaly minimises its environmental impact and, thanks to its Master Roasters, selects the best quality coffees worldwide, developing processes to preserve the typical aromas of every single bean, to satisfy the palates of consumers. With the same care and attention, Caffitaly selects and produces a wide range of hot beverages.

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